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LOG Entries to have their own set of customisable LOG FIELDS

Replicate the FIELDS tab functionality that currently exists for a CONTACT into individual LOG entries.

That is, you create a set of custom LOG FIELDS (the same way you currently can create a custom Contact Field) and then each time you create a new LOG ENTRY, you can complete the data for the LOG FIELDS as they relate to that particular log entry.

That way, you can create a custom checklist to be completed as part of each log entry in addition to the free form text that you currently can record.

Then allow the data in LOG FIELDS to be exported with the log entries so that you can use Excel to analyse the data, collate statistics etc.

eg a Sales Rep might have a Log TITLE called "Sales Call" and then has the following LOG FIELDS (with possible answers in brackets) to quickly record what happened during the sales call.

Sales Call Type: [Scheduled visit, Unscheduled visit, Phone Call, Cold Call]

How was Sales Call received: [Positive, Indifferent, Negative]

Marketing Material supplied: [Yes / No / Not accepted ]

Product Samples left: [ Yes / No / Refused ]

Follow Up Action: [Visit, Call, Email, No Follow Up Required]

Lead Status: [Hot, Lukewarm, Cold]

etc etc

(I'm not a Sales Rep, so those examples were just off the top of my head as to what a Sales Rep might want to record, but you get the idea).

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