How should I start using Contacts Journal?

Start by importing contacts into Contacts Journal. To import contacts, press the + button on the first page. You can then choose from one of these options: 

  • Import from Contacts” to add contacts from your Contacts app
  • “Create Contact” to create a contact from scratch; any new contacts you create will also be added to the iPhone contacts list 
  • “Create Private Contact” to create a private contact, which will only be saved and visible inside Contacts Journal
  • “Import vCard”: to import a vCard file from your computer, over WiFi

You can then add Logs, To-Dos, Documents and Fields for each of your contacts:

  • a Log is a record of a meeting or conversation with the contact. You can add a date, title, location data, and/or a note to capture the event. This is a great way to build your history of who you met, where you met them, what you talked about
  • a ToDo is a great way to set a follow-up with a contact. You can set an alarm for your To-Do, schedule appointments to your Calendar, create repeating To-Dos, add location, and add notes as well
  • a Document is a file that you can attach to your contacts. You can store important contracts, presentations, even media files, and view them from within the app
  • a User Field lets you store custom data for the contact. You define your own Field first (for e.g. Age, Status, Deal etc), and attach values for these fields per contact

You can then consider some of Contacts Journal key features:
  • Call, SMS or email your contacts directly from the app. 
  • See all your contacts and notes on a single Map view, with the option to change a contact's pin colors 
  • You can attach Documents in multiple ways; transfer over WiFi, import from the camera roll, import from iCloud Drive (including Dropbox, Box, OneDrvie and anything else setup with iCloud Drive), or copy files other apps using "Open In". On Mac, you can just drag-and-drop files into the contact's Files section
  • You can create and manage both Public Groups of contacts (which are the same groups as in your Contacts app), as well as Private Groups (which are visible only inside Contacts Journal)
  • You can create email templates with personalization tags, to send prepared emails quickly but with a personal touch
  • You can export your data for reporting by email, CSV, or even to your Contact notes field
  • You can sync your Contacts Journal data between multiple devices using either iCloud or Dropbox sync options

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