How should I do an "iCloud Recovery"

An "iCloud Recovery" can help in cases where you opened the app, and couldn't any of your iCloud data at all. You can try an "iCloud Recovery" with these steps:

- make sure all devices are updated to iOS8 / Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite, and running the latest version of the app

iOS: check in the CJournal app -> More -> Contact Us -> About [it should be 3.8.2]
Maccheck in the Contacts Journal menu -> About Contacts Journal [it should be 1.05]

- make sure that you have "iCloud Drive" enabled

iOScheck in the iPhone/iPad Settings app -> iCloud -> "iCloud Drive" should show On
check in the System Preferences app -> iCloud -> "iCloud Drive" should be selected

- turn off iCloud on all your devices: 

iOS: from the More page inside Contacts Journal 
Mac: from Contacts Journal Preferences -> iCloud

- try iCloud Recovery:

iOS:  on the More page, press and hold on the "iCloud" row for over 5 seconds, till an alert pops up. The alert should pop up titled "iCloud Options". If you see the "Enable iCloud" message, you should cancel that and try again. Once you do see the correct popup, select the "Recover iCloud" option
Mac: in Contacts Journal Preferences -> iCloud, the "Sync Setting" button should say "None". Press Alt/Option key and click the button to see more options; then select the "Recover iCloud" option

If it goes well, the little spinning wheel should come up, and then your iCloud data should show up on your device

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