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What should I do if I lose data after the latest update?

Due to some major database changes we have made in the latest version (iOS 3.9, Mac 1.2) to support future app development, some users might experience loss of data, especially if they are using iCloud sync. That is why we make a backup of your current database before the update runs, so you can easily recover the data if you run into this issue. After recovering from the backup, you might have to reset your iCloud database as well, to resume syncing with iCloud.

Recover From Backup (iOS):
- first, turn off iCloud sync from the “More” page
- from More -> Manage Data -> Backups -> on the latest backup, press the (i) button, then select "Restore" 

Recover From Backup (Mac):
- first, turn off iCloud from the Contacts Journal -> Preferences page
- from Preferences -> Manage Data -> select "Restore"
- in the file picker, press Command-Shift-G keys to bring up "Go to Folder"
- paste the text below, replacing the <username> with your machine username:
- select the latest-created backup to restore your data before the update

Reset iCloud
After the data is recovered, if you have iCloud enabled, you would also need to do an "iCloud Reset" to sync to iCloud again. You can follow these instructions:

1. make sure all devices are updated to iOS9 / Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite, and running the latest version of the app:
- iOS: check in the CJournal app -> More -> Contact Us -> About [it should be 3.9]
- Mac:check in the Contacts Journal menu -> About Contacts Journal [it should be 1.2]

2. turn off iCloud sync on all your other devices:
- iOS: from the More page inside Contacts Journal
- Mac: from Contacts Journal Preferences -> iCloud

3. delete the iCloud container for Contacts Journal:
- iOS: on the More page, press and hold on the "iCloud" row for over 5 seconds, till an alert pops up. The alert should pop up titled "iCloud Options". If you see the "Enable iCloud" message, you should cancel that and try again. Once you do see the correct popup, select the "Delete Container" option.
- Mac: in Contacts Journal Preferences -> iCloud, the "Sync Setting" button should say "None". Press Alt/Option key and click the button to see more options; then select the "Delete iCloud Data" option

4. now wait 5 minutes; then on your Contacts Journal app, with the latest data data, turn on iCloud. It should give a message saying "First Time iCloud Sync". If it gives an initial message saying "iCloud data already exists", then press Cancel. It means it hasn't updated from iCloud that you deleted the data. Wait a few minutes before trying to enable iCloud again.

5. after it's done transferring the information to iCloud, wait 10 minutes again, then connect your 2nd device to iCloud and let it connect with the existing iCloud data. You should see a message saying "iCloud data already exists". If you get a message saying "First Time iCloud Sync", then press Cancel, and try again in a minute.

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