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  1. Can I share my Contacts Journal data with others?

  2. Can I sync my emails with Contacts Journal

  3. Do the contacts in Contacts Journal stay in sync with the Contacts app?

  4. How are pins on the Map page populated?

  5. How can I attach Documents to my contacts?

  6. How can I create a new group of contacts?

  7. How do I add contacts from external accounts (e.g Outlook, MS Exchange, Google Contacts)?

  8. How do I backup my data from the app?

  9. How do I create a new “Field”?

  10. How do I delete data from CloudSync?

  11. How do I enter contacts so that they are separate from my Contacts app?

  12. How do I filter my contacts list by Group?

  13. How do I import my contacts list from an Excel or CSV file?

  14. How do I rename a file in Contacts Journal?

  15. How do I restore my data from a Contacts Journal backup?

  16. How do I search for contacts in a particular zip code or city?

  17. How do I start syncing Contacts Journal data using CloudSync?

  18. How do I use Dropbox to sync between Contacts Journal on iPhone, iPad and Mac?

  19. How should I start using Contacts Journal?

  20. Keyboard Shortcuts for iPhone and iPad app

  21. Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac app

  22. What are “Fields” and how should I use them?

  23. What is Contacts Journal CRM?

  24. What should I do if I lose data after the latest update?

  25. What's New In Contacts Journal for Mac (v1.2)

  26. Where can I download Contacts Journal CRM?

  27. Which Personal Sync option should I choose?

  28. Why are some contacts missing when I try to add them to a Public Group?

  29. Why do some of my contacts' addresses not show up on the Map?

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