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Can I sync my emails with Contacts Journal

Unfortunately, due to Apple's limitations, we can't access the contents of your emails or messages. We can only record when the email or message was sent, and only if sent from within the app. But if they ever lift this restriction in the future, we'll definitely integrate it within our app.

That said, there are ways to manually import emails if you want:

- on Mac, you can drag-and-drop an email from the Mail app into a contact’s Files section, and have the email saved as a file

- on iOS, in the Mail app, you can to print an email as a PDF file, and attach it to CJournal, though it takes a few steps. At the end, you can choose to copy to CJournal, and in CJournal attach the email to the contact you need. It will be saved in the Files tab for the contact. You can refer to this article on how to do this:

- on iOS, you can also use 3rd-party email apps like Spark, which allow you to export emails into PDF files, which you can then open in CJournal and save to a particular contact. Please note that we are not affiliated with Spark or any other 3rd-party email client in any way.

- on iPad with iOS11, you can now drag-and-drop emails from the Mail app into Contacts Journal. You can see how to do this in our demo video:

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