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Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac app


Here are some keyboard shortcuts to help you out when using the Mac app:

Main Window:
  • Cmd-1-2-3-4-5 to switch between Contacts, Logs, ToDos, Files, and Maps sidebar buttons
  • Cmd-G to bring up groups picker
  • Cmd-, to bring up "Preferences" window
  • Cmd-F to bring up search box for the selected page

Contacts List:
  • start typing name of contact you are looking for, till you reach the correct contact, then press Return / Enter to select contact
  • right-click to see options for Delete and Duplicate
  • Cmd-N to see Add Contact options

Contacts Page:
  • right-click on contact's name to "Open in Contacts app" (only for synced contacts)

Contacts Logs / ToDos list:
  • with an Log in the Log list selected, press 'Spacebar' (or double-click) to open the Log's Detail page
  • with the Log's Detail page open, select 'Up' or 'Down' to move to the next/previous Log in the list, without having to open the Detail page again
  • press 'Spacebar' to close the Detail page
  • with an Log in the Log list selected, right-click to see more options (Delete, Duplicate, Reassign, Email)

All Logs / All ToDos:

  • same options as "Contacts Logs / ToDos"
  • Cmd-N to add Log/ToDo (first select contact from list, then fill details in Add Log / Add ToDo page)
  • right-click on selected Log/ToDo to see more options, including "Show Contact Page"
  • Control-Spacebar will check off a ToDo

Add Logs / ToDos:
  • Cmd-D to bring up date picker
  • Cmd-T to bring up titles picker
  • Cmd-L to bring up locations picker
  • Cmd-S to save

Contact Files:

  • select a File, press 'Spacebar' (or double-click) to open File Preview
  • press 'Spacebar' to close File Preview
  • press 'Enter' / 'Return' to rename file
  • right-click to see more options

All Files:
  • same options as 'Contact Files'
  • to move between contact sections, Cmd-Shift-Down and Cmd-Shift-Up
  • select name of contact (in section header) to jump to contact's individual page (or right-click, and select "Show Contacts Page")
  • Cmd-N: first select contact to attach to, then select the files to be imported

  • with a contact selected, press 'Spacebar' to focus on the pin on the map
  • right-click to see more options


There is great support for navigating across the Contacts Journal Mac app with your keyboard. You can follow some of these tricks to move around faster:

- when app starts, the focus is on the Contacts button; select 'Right' to move focus onto the contacts list. You can then move up and down the contacts list screen
- with a contact selected (in blue), you can move 'Right' to move the focus on the Logs tab button. You can then press the spacebar to bring up the "Add Log" page, press 'Down' to move down the Logs list, or move 'Right' to move to the ToDos tab
- if the focus is inside the Logs list (i.e. you see a Log selected in blue), you can move 'Up' all the way till the focus shifts to the Logs tab button (the blue selection should go away from the list)
- you can move across the contact's Logs, ToDos, Files, Fields and Info pages by selecting 'Right' and 'Left' keys (if the focus is on the tab buttons)
- the Logs, ToDos, Files and Fields tab all support spacebar button to press '+'. In the Info page, spacebar selects Edit
- moving 'Left' from Logs tab button will change focus to the contacts list again
- moving 'Left' from the contacts list will change focus to the Contacts button in the sidebar list

- with the focus on one of the sidebar buttons (Contacts, Logs, ToDos, Files and Map), you can move 'Up' and 'Down' to select each button
- with the focus on any of the sidebar buttons, you can move 'Right' to select the list view on the right, and then move 'Left' to move focus back to the sidebar

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