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How can I create a new group of contacts?

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Before you create a contact group, it's important to note the distinction between a "Private Group" and a "Public Group": 

  • Private Groups are saved and visible from within Contacts Journal only. You can select any contact you have imported into Contacts Journal.
  • Public Groups are saved to your Contacts app directly, but there are limitations: a) groups are added to only your default Contact account, b) you can only select contacts that belong to that default contacts account, which have been imported into Contacts Journal c) if your default contacts account is an Exchange account, you cannot create or edit a group at all.

To create a group:

iOSpress the Groups button from the main Contacts list, then press Edit. Now, choose “Create Contact Group” or “Create Private Group”. Then, type in a name for the group, and on the next page, select the contacts you want to add to this group. You can also create a new Private Group from the main Contacts page. Press the Edit button, select your contacts and press the “New Private Group” button. 

Mac: select the groups button from the toolbar at the top of the Contacts Journal window (by default, it should be titles "All Contacts"), then scroll down the list to the end, and select either "New Private Group" or "New Public Group". Then, type in a name, and on the next page, select the contacts you want to add to this group.

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