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How are pins on the Map page populated?

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On the Map page, you see two types of pins: those that are mapped from your contacts’ address fields, and those saved manually in the Location field when adding a Logs or ToDo. 

When you import new contacts into Contacts Journal, the addresses for those contacts are automatically geocoded and mapped onto the Map page. By default, the contacts’ addresses are shown as green pins. You can change the color of the contact pin by selecting the pin, and then pressing the button in the callout, to see the Change Pin Color option. You can also configure the pin color from the contact's Fields page, by adding the "Pin Color" filed for the contact (on the Contacts Journal iPhone app, this is combined with the contact's Info page).

With the contact's address pin selected, you can also get directions to that contact, or switch directly to that contact’s page. 

The pins associated with a Log or ToDo can't be changed. The purple pins have one or more Logs saved at that location, and red pins have one or more To-Dos saved. Select the pin, and press the button in the callout to see more details of the Logs and To-Dos saved there. 

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