How can I attach Documents to my contacts?

Attaching documents and files to your Contacts Journal contacts is a valuable way to stay organized and carry important documents with you to meetings. You can attach word documents, PDF files, images, presentations, audio files etc; you can then view these files from within Contacts Journal. Note that in each case, a copy of the file is saved inside Contacts Journal; there is no link to the original file maintained (this might change in a future version).

Mac: here are some ways to attach files to contacts on the Mac:

  1. select the contact's Files page, then press the + button to bring up the file selection window. You can select multiple files and press the Import button
  2. select the contact's Files page, then drag-and-drop files into the files section from Finder. You can also drag-and-drop emails from the Mail app 
  3. select the main Files section from the app's left sidebar, then select the + button; you will have to first select the contact, then select the files you want to import in the files selection window
  4. select the main Files section from the app's left sidebar, then drag-and-drop files into any existing contact's files section. You can drag-and-drop files from Finder, or emails from the Mail app. 
  5. with the Files section selected from the app's left sidebar, you can drag-and-drop files and emails onto the "Files" button, and then select a contact that isn't  visible or doesn't have an existing section in the Files page. 
  6. with either a contact's Files section selected, or the general all Files page selected, you can paste a file from the clipboard into Contacts Journal. You will be asked to select a contact 

iOSHere are some ways to attach files to your contacts on iPhone / iPad:

1. from the contact’s Files tab, press the + button and select one of these options:
  • Import from Dropbox: this will open the Dropbox app on your device (if installed) and you can select the file you want to import into Contacts Journal
  • Import from Camera Roll: select a photo from your iPhone photo library
  • Transfer over WiFi: transfer files from your computer to your device over WiFi. Your computer has to be on the same WiFi network as your iPhone / iPad
  • Import from iCloud Drive: import documents from other apps that support iCloud Drive 

2. You can also transfer files from other apps into Contacts Journal: 
  • To transfer attachments from Mail, press and hold on any attachment and then select the “Open In” button. Select Contacts Journal from the list of apps, and then select a contact to attach the document to.
  • Other apps on the iPhone / iPad also support the “Open in” button, and you can follow the same steps as above to transfer documents into Contacts Journal 

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