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What are “Fields” and how should I use them?

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"Fields" lets you add your own customized data fields to the app. It's like an extension of the standard (fixed) set of fields you see in the "Contacts" app. This allows great flexibility to how you want to use Contacts Journal for your own needs. 

Here are examples of the types of Fields you can create:

  • Account Number
  • Sale Value
  • Status
  • Due Date
  • Amount Due
  • Age
  • Spouse Name

There are different types of "Fields" you can create to store different types of values: Text, Number, Date, Currency, Date, and List.

Use the List field type if you want to define a fixed number of values that the field can be in. For e.g. you can define a “Status” field, choose List type, and add  “Open”, “Active”, “Rejected”, “Closed” to the Field List. Now, you can attach one of these value to the Status field for any contact.

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