How do I start syncing Contacts Journal data using iCloud?

[Please note: in Contacts Journal version 4.1 and above, we support CloudSync, which is a much-improved syncing system]
Before you start using iCloud sync, here are some important things to keep in mind:
  • iCloud Sync lets you automatically and seamlessly sync your data between multiple iOS devices, including iPad, iPhone, and Mac. The option isn't enabled by default inside Contacts Journal.
  • you have to be signed in to the same iCloud account on all your devices
  • your data is transferred in the background with some delay. It can take up to a few minutes for your changes from another device to download, depending on your network speed
  • it is recommended to not have the app open at the same time on multiple devices while editing data. This can cause data conflicts that might not resolve correctly
  • for most reliable results with iCloud, we recommend that you use iOS8 on all your iPhones and iPads, and Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite on your Macs. You should also enable iCloud Drive. On iOS, go to the Settings app -> iCloud -> make sure "iCloud Drive" is On; On Mac, open System Preferences app -> iCloud -> make sure "iCloud Drive" is On.

To start syncing Contacts Journal data with iCloud:

1. select which device’s data you want to upload as the starting point. Make sure this device has the most up-to-date data.
2. if you have Dropbox enabled, you should first Unlink the Dropbox account to access the iCloud option.

3. enable the iCloud sync option:

iOS: on More -> Sync Settings, select the “iCloud” option; say Yes to the "Enable iCloud?" prompt

Mac: in Contacts Journal Preferences -> Sync -> press the "Sync Setting" button (it should say "None"). Select "iCloud"

4. if this is the first time you are syncing Contacts Journal to iCloud, you should confirm the “First Time iCloud Sync” alert. This will start migrating your data from this device to iCloud. This can take a few minutes, depending on the size of your database. You also need a working WiFi connection to do the initial upload.

5. after the first sync is complete, wait 5-10 minutes before you connect your other devices to your iCloud data. Enable iCloud on the 2nd device's Contacts Journal app again, and confirm that you want to sync with the “Existing Data” alert. If you see the “First Time iCloud Sync” alert, press cancel and try again. Please note: this will replace the local data on your 2nd device with data from iCloud. The two databases will not be merged at this point.

Once both devices are setup with iCloud sync, changes you make on one device should sync over to the other device running Contacts Journal.

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