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Which Personal Sync option should I choose?

With Contacts Journal CRM, your data is only saved on your own device by default. To enable the app to backup your data, and also sync it between different devices running Contacts Journal, you can choose one of these options:

  • CloudSync: stores and syncs your data using your own iCloud account. When you enable this on multiple devices, the data is synced seamlessly and automatically. This is our recommended option
  • Dropbox: stores your data on your own Dropbox account. To sync using Dropbox, you have to use "Save to Dropbox" from one device, and "Fetch from Dropbox" on the 2nd device. This is a little manual, but works well in case you cannot use your iCloud account. With this, if you share the Dropbox account with another user, you can also share your Contacts Journal data this way.
  • iCloud (legacy): this option is only if you want to connect to the old iCloud syncing container. This will be discontinued in the future. 

To learn more about ow to setup CloudSync, you can read this article: 

[Coming Soon] 

Team Sync: Sync your data with multiple iCloud users.

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