How do I backup my data from the app?

Aside from linking to Dropbox or iCloud, you can backup your data in multiple ways:

- iOS: go to More -> Manage Data -> Backups, then select "Backup Now". On the latest backup, select the (i) button, then select "Email Backup" or "Download Backup over WiFi". To backup over WiFi, you will need another computer connected to the same WiFi network as your iPhone or iPad. To backup over email, you should ensure you receive the backup email as well, since some email providers might not allow emails with large attachments

- Mac: backup from Contacts Journal Preferences -> Manage Data -> Backup. The backups are saved on your Mac at this location: /Users/<username>/Library/Containers/com.zaal.cjournalmac/Data/Documents

Important notes:

- you should not unzip the backup zip file. You will need to upload the zip file as it is if you need to restore the data

- if you have setup a PIN for Contacts Journal, the backup zip file is password-protected with the same PIN. If you restore this backup file in the future, you will need to enter the same PIN

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