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What's New In Contacts Journal for Mac (v1.2)


  • You can set "Favorite" option for your custom Fields
  • "Favorite" fields will show up on each contact's Fields page, with the default value 


  • Increased the number of available ‘Pin Color’ options
  • You can now set a different default Pin Color (previously it was always Green)
  • You can now rename Pin Colors (from Contacts Journal Preferences -> Manage Data -> Fields) to customize their appearance on the Map

  • Select multiple contacts and edit Fields in one go
  • To activate, on the main Contacts list, select multiple contacts, and right-click to see "Add Field" option
  • Great way to mark a groups of contacts with a particular Field value (for e.g. make all contacts in a group with the Black "Pin Color")

And much more
  • Support for sending emails from 3rd-party email clients 
  • Support for dragging out files from the Files section from Contacts Journal into other apps
  • When exporting Contacts information into a CSV file, new option allows you to use separate columns, for easier integration with mailing lists
  • Multiple selection of contacts supports "Delete" and "Add Field" options
  • Lots of bug-fixes and performance improvements

Please Note:
  • If you use Contacts Journal on multiple devices with iCloud sync enabled, you will need to update the app on those devices for the syncing to continue working
  • If you had any issue with the update, you can restore from the latest backup, from Contacts Journal Preferences ->  Manage Data -> Restore. To see your backup files, on the same "Manage Data" page, click where it says "Last Backup"
  • If you end up restoring a backup file, and you have iCloud enabled, you might have to do an "iCloud Reset" to get the sync working again. You can see the instructions from our help website:

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