Why do some of my contacts' addresses not show up on the Map?

After you import a large list of contacts into the Contacts Journal app for the first time, it may take a while to geo-code (the process of turning your contact’s physical address into pins we can display on the map) all the contacts' addresses. You should be able to see some progress on the Maps -> List page (on iOS, you may have to select the List button; on Mac, the List page is always open to the left of the Map page). The List page will show you the list of contacts' addresses sorted by distance to your current location, and in a separate section, also show the contacts that are "Waiting for Results", and those that are "Incorrectly Formatted" (i.e. they might have a typo, or insufficient information, to be processed). This page should be updated every minute with updates.

If some pins don’t show up for a long time, it might have been due to either a loss of internet connectivity at the time you imported these contacts, or that Apple's Maps service (that helps us do the geo-code) was unavailable for some reason. You can try restarting the app to see if it helps: to force-quit the app, press the Home button twice to see the app in the task-switcher. Swipe up on the CJournal screenshot you see to quit the app for good. Then launch the app again from the home screen icon. 

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