How do I use Dropbox to sync between Contacts Journal on iPhone, iPad and Mac?

You can sign up for Dropbox for free from within the app if you don’t have an existing account. First, link to the Dropbox sync option in the app (if you have iCloud sync enabled, you will have to turn that off first). To link to Dropbox:

- iOS: on the More page, select Dropbox. You will be redirected to the Dropbox app to authorize Contacts Journal
- Mac: from the Contacts Journal menu -> Contacts Journal Preferences -> Sync -> select "Sync Options" button, and select Dropbox. You will be redirected to the Dropbox website to authorize Contacts Journal

Once linked, you can use “Save to Dropbox” on one device, to save your data to Dropbox, and “Fetch from Dropbox” on another device, to download data from Dropbox onto that device.

Note that when you “Save to Dropbox”, it replaces the file that is stored on Dropbox with your device data, and it doesn’t merge the information together. To avoid losing data through this, we recommend you follow these steps:

  • first, "Fetch from Dropbox", to ensure you have the latest changes from Dropbox
  • next, make your edits on the device
  • then, Save to Dropbox to make sure your changes are saved to Dropbox

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