Can I share my Contacts Journal data with others?

You can use Dropbox to collaborate with other co-workers or colleagues. First, create a shared Dropbox account, and ensure they have Contacts Journal installed on their iOS / Mac devices, and then Save and Fetch from Dropbox as described above. This will share all the contacts (private or non-private) you have imported or created into Contacts Journal, as well as all contact information (emails, phones, addresses), Logs, To-Dos and Documents you have entered. Be careful not to share personal or confidential information by accident, and make sure to Save and Fetch frequently to avoid data loss.

Sharing Contacts Journal data with Dropbox works well for small groups (up to 4-5 users), and this solution might be not be suited to support 
larger teams. We are working on solutions to make data sharing more seamless for larger teams. Let us know if you are interested in working with Contacts Journal for larger teams. 

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